We are pleased to announce that as of August 13, 2015, Qualcomm Global Trading Pte. Ltd., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, has completed its acquisition of CSR plc. For more information, please see the press release .


InLocation Alliance Summit: Three key takeaways

Being a member of the Indoor Location Alliance (ILA) since the early days, CSR was very excited to once again host the ILA at CSR Cambridge for its annual summit. As usual, the meeting facilitated compelling conversation on how to develop and promote indoor location in accordance with the aims of the group. Here are the three key takeaways: Indoor location remains an important technical area. . . .

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CSRmesh™ FAQs

Since CSR launched CSRmesh™ a year ago, I have met with people from the world over who are all interested in learning more about it. As more and more developers look to bring easy to use and attractive IoT and smart home products to market, it means more and more questions about the solution head my way. I thought it would be useful to list . . .

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CSR at Bluetooth World 2015: Unlocking the Internet of Things through CSRmesh™

Last year Bluetooth World brought together some of the industry’s most talented professionals for two days to share their insights on Bluetooth® technology. At Bluetooth World 2015, CSR will be back to demonstrate how CSRmesh™ allows an almost unlimited number of Bluetooth devices to be networked together and directly controlled from a single smartphone. As the inventor of CSRmesh and Chair of the Bluetooth Smart Mesh . . .

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CSR helps Sound World Solutions to bring affordable Bluetooth® hearing aids to the masses

Sound World Solutions is a company with a noble aim – to bring affordable and high-performance hearing aids to everyone, no matter what their location or economic background. CSR recently donated 2,000 units of its CSR8670™ to Sound World Solutions as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility program and in recognition of their inspiring social mission for the hearing impaired. We caught up with Shawn Stahmer, . . .

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Taking the quality of TV audio to a whole new level with CSR’s MAPX™ and ZIRENE® SOUND by AM3D

AM3D, a Danish provider of audio enhancement software, is our first partner to offer audio enhancement solutions on MAPX™, CSR’s high quality audio system-on-chip (SoC) for soundbars, docking speakers, AV-receivers, home theatre systems, and integrated audio systems.  This is great news for developers of TVs and soundbars as the combination of the MAPX processing power and the audio expertise of AM3D’s ZIRENE® SOUND solution will bring . . .

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