Need help developing your IoT prototype with CSRmesh™?

Earlier this month we launched the CSRmesh™ Development Kit to offer developers the opportunity to get hands on with the CSRmesh  Bluetooth® Smart protocol. Designed to accelerate prototype development of new low power connected Internet of Things (IoT) products, the kit includes development boards, a USB programmer and access to the development platform (SDK) which guides you through to example IoT applications. Kits are available from CSR distributors and are initially offered with software supporting networked lighting applications, with updates for home automation and other IoT applications based on CSRmesh due later in the year.

In this introductory video, CSR senior applications engineer Alan Hay takes you through a step-by-step guide on getting started with the kit, explaining what’s included and how to download the necessary software. Check the below video to watch and get unboxing!

If you want to find out more about CSRmesh visit http://csr.com/products/technology/csrmesh or for a more in-depth explanation our latest webinar ‘An Introduction to CSRmesh’ is also now available on demand.  Our forum and wiki are also great resources if you are developing with CSRmesh.

  • panwei

    MESH technology, CSR technical support, do not go well.
    My company, I am a person, They do not believe a person can do all the work,
    CSR factory near future may come to me to talk about.
    I look forward to this day, has finally arrived.
    Please support me.

    • http://blog.csr.com David Mann

      Sorry to read you have experienced issues with your CSRMesh development. Please contact your local CSR distributor for technical support – they will also be able to escalate any issues to CSR if needed. You can find their contact details on http://blog.csr.com/contact/sales-representatives

      Alternatively, you can email our Asian technical support team on techsupportasia@csr.com. Please let them also have more information about your project and the problems you are experiencing, and also mention what country you are based in, so that they can forward your query to the correct team.