Building Apps on Your Hardware: CSR training helps developers hit the ground running

Over the course of May and June, the Bluetooth SIG will be hosting hundreds of engineers from across EMEA, US and Asia to provide in-depth training on how to implement Bluetooth hardware and software for those who are new to the technology. The Bluetooth Innovation Series will take place on the following dates:



As a co-sponsor of the event, CSR will be providing each attendee with a µEnergy® Starter Development Kit, a complete set of tools for developers looking to kick-start their product development cycle.

To help prepare attendees for hitting the ground running with their new dev kit, CSR will be providing a training session at each event from 11:15-12:10, titled ‘Building Apps on your Hardware’. In this session attendees will be given an overview of custom profiles, tips on how to build an app, and advice on how to go about debugging an app if it throws up unexpected problems.

From opening the dev kit, to installing software and downloading the VM app, this session will cover everything you need to know about the differing Bluetooth profiles and the variety of use cases. It will be invaluable for anyone who’s interested in developing Bluetooth-enabled devices, including anything from heart rate monitors to security tags.

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If you’re unable to join the training session please get in touch with bluetoothsmart@csr.com with any questions or check out our Forum and Wiki.

CSR Bluetooth Smart Starter Development Kit

CSR Bluetooth Smart Starter Development Kit