CSR attends Autotech Council Voice UI “Both Hands on the Wheel”

Lars presenting at the Autotech Council meeting

Lars Boeryd, Director-Automotive Marketing, presented at the Autotech Council meeting on 8th February 2013.  He gave us the following account of the meeting.

This was one of the regularly scheduled Autotech Council meetings and this time around the topic was centered around voice UI, the challenges, and the opportunities of providing a natural language interface in the car. The agenda for event can be found here

Representing CSR, I presented the importance of Bluetooth® technology and associated noise reduction, echo cancellation, and other audio processing technologies for enabling optimum voice quality in support of Hands Free calling, as well the challenges associated with providing the right filtering and pre-processing to optimise machine/speech recognition. I also made the argument that SBC is inadequate for HiFi audio over Bluetooth and that aptX® solves the problem of providing the best in-car HiFi audio experience when playing music from your Smartphone on the Infotainment system over Bluetooth.

The meeting was very attended and we made some great contacts with individuals and organisations which we will be following up on.

Lars Boeryd
Director-Automotive Marketing