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In Absence of Industry Standards, Supportive Partners Are Essential

This is a joint blog authored by Art Weeks, CSR Technology, Inc. and Naseem Aslam, Spansion.

One of the ways that CSR earns the loyalty of leading brands such as Canon, Fuji Xerox, HP and Ricoh is by collaborating with like-minded vendors who understand that performance, quality and support are critical components to delivering world-class technologies. One such partner is Flash memory developer Spansion.

Spansion Quad SPI is used for code storage and fast boot. The CSR Quatro® 5300 series of programmable SOC solutions for printers, scanners and all-in-ones (AIOs) supports Spansion Flash to store code for numerous essential features and functions. Programmable features of the Quatro SOC include scanner and printer mechanism control as well as image processing for scanning, copying and printing. These programmable features allow OEMs to truly differentiate their products in a competitive market. It’s crucial that the Flash memory is compatible with the latest CSR chips and that performance and quality meet the highest standards expected by CSR customers.

For printers, scanners and AIOs supported by the CSR Quatro 5300 series SOCs, there is a strong customer demand for the multi-bit serial NOR Flash memory to support fast boot times and thus short first page out times. Unfortunately, some of the larger serial NOR memories, such as 512 Mbit, lack any true industry standard. That’s why it’s so critical for CSR to have the direct support of suppliers like Spansion to ensure our products are capable of working together. The Quatro 5300 Series supports Spansion serial NOR Flash on 1, 2, and 4 bit SPI interfaces.

CSR also is looking to Spansion for SLC NAND Flash support. NAND is a different type of Flash memory typically available in larger sizes than NOR Flash. CSR customers can use Spansion SLC NAND as a mass-storage device for printers and copiers. (To store print or copy jobs while the device is busy servicing an earlier request). This is another area where industry standards do not yet exist, and therefore, partnering with companies like Spansion that have a strong commitment to performance, quality and service, becomes a decisive factor in CSR’s ability to deliver the latest in technology.

By Naseem Aslam, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Ecosystem Development at Spansion and Art Weeks, Product Marketing Manager, Document Imaging at CSR Technology

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