CSR and Primax

Ringo Starr famously sang how he got by with a little help from his friends. In much the same way that Ringo relied on his friends, CSR relies on our friends to develop and provide products to our end customers. One great friend of CSR’s Quatro® SOC product line over the years has been Taiwan based company, Primax.

Primax is an Original Design Manufacturer “ODM”. What they do is design and manufacture products for another company to brand, label and sell. This is a common development model when the branding company lacks either the resources or required expertise to develop a product within a targeted schedule or for a targeted cost.

Primax is well known in the industry for their mature ADF/Scanner core technology that has been a key reason for their recent success with many MFP programs. Primax has been developing products and building expertise with the CSR Quatro® SOC product line for the past six years. They have brought multiple Quatro® based products to market including mono and color laser printers and All In One (AIO) devices for leading Tier 1 brands. In total they have shipped nearly one million Quatro® units.

Having a partner like Primax has been critical to the overall success of the Quatro® product line. Quatro® not only requires hardware and board design expertise but also entails a great deal of firmware development and operating system expertise as well. Customers need to navigate the confusing world of difficult standards such as Ethernet, Wi-Fi® and FAX protocols. On top of this there are the constantly changing standards related to GREEN manufacturing, Energy Star, EcoDesign and other government regulations and directives. In this partnership, CSR is the SOC provider while Primax is the complete solution provider.

CSR’s relationship with Primax extends beyond the Quatro® product line. Primax over the years has developed products with our IPS page description languages for Ricoh, Sagemcom and Sharp. Primax is now looking to develop products with both our Wi-Fi® and IPS Sky solutions as well.

CSR values and appreciates this win-win relationship with Primax. Moving forward CSR will continue to thrive with a little help from our friends.