Stephen Phillips – Round the World Cyclist has withdrawn from race.

Stephen Phillips has announced that he has made the incredibly tough decision to withdraw from the 2012 Global Cycle Challenge after suffering from an illness that has left him too weak to continue.

Stephen first set off on his mountain bike to begin his Global Cycle Challenge on the 18th February from Greenwich Park, London. Since this date he has cycled through a vast number of countries (including, France, Spain and America) crossing the halfway mark in New Zealand in mid April, however, luck did not seem to be on Stephen’s side.

After dealing with various injuries (including Achilles Tendonitis) and broken equipment he was finally forced to withdraw from the Challenge on the 13th May after becoming sick from an illness that left him feeling “too physically weak and tired to continue” when crossing the Australian Outback. He managed to make it into Perth and reached Singapore on Saturday 12th May, but unfortunately felt unable to continue with the Challenge and is returning home in the next few days.