Stephen Phillips in Santa Ana

Having been given the all clear from his doctor, Stephen is now back in the race. He recently dropped into our Santa Ana office. Here is the latest report from our team there:

Stephen Phillips makes it to Santa Ana, CA from Phoenix, AZ in four days! Steve arrived into Santa Ana at 8:10PM on Tuesday 3rd April and headed straight for the Hampton Inn to rest up for the night before biking into CSR Santa Ana on Wednesday 4th April. He arrived at our office around 9:00AM and met with some of our engineers, reliving his tales on the road in this race and several others he has participated in. We had a gourmet pizza lunch for him with the group. After lunch, Steve and I (Soo) went to get one of his wheels repaired, it needed new spokes and a new reflector. Then we headed off to Huntington Beach, “Surf City USA,” the epitome of California living – beach, sun, and a laid back lifestyle. It was a beautiful day too, 75°F, perfect SoCal weather. Afterward, Steve and a couple of us went to eat AYCE (All You Can Eat) Korean BBQ so that he can refuel on protein for his next journey to Sunnyvale!