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Global Cycle Challenge 2012 – Nearly Off!

Read the latest update from CSR sponsored Stephen Phillips who heads off around the world on 18th February 2012.

“What on earth for?! What’s the point?! You’re being ridiculous! It will never happen! Don’t be silly”.

How many of us have heard those statements from friends, family and work colleagues?

By the time they hear statement five, 90% of those who have a good idea or want to achieve something probably give up hope of ever doing so.

What a simple way to stifle development, experiment, exploration and achievement.

I’m willing to bet the following people heard the exact same phrases at some point; Christopher Columbus, Sir Francis Drake, Ernest Shackleton, Captain Scott, Edmund Hillary, Neil Armstrong, Ranulph Fiennes, Vin Cox.

I am someone who has been labelled with all the above but not one of the 90% who felt de-motivated enough to give up.

On the 18th February 2012 I officially class myself as ‘adventurer’ when at 12:00pm I set off from Greenwich Park – London on an 18,000 mile cycle challenge around the world facing weather, terrain, politics and disputes while pushing my physical and emotional limits to extremes and aiming to do it in the fastest time possible!

….And this is my last final update before the race commences! Suddenly February 18th at 12pm seems extremely close.

The number of times I go over the check list in my head! Can I really be that close to being ready? Have I done enough? What happens if..?

Is anyone ever truly ready for something of this magnitude?

This isn’t going out for a Sunday ride or two weeks cycle touring the vine yards of Italy, this is 130+ miles, every day, all day for 160 days. During this time I will miss birthdays of nearest and dearest (6 birthdays in total including my daughter’s 18th). Easter will come and go and I will become a single tweet or status update from somewhere out there.

But! Big skies, open plains, mountains, deserts, heat, cold, wind, rain, snow, drought, crowded ferries, busy airport terminals, honk of horns all lead to ‘out there’ on my bike, where I will truly be at my happiest.

I would like to thank everyone but in particular the following people.

1. Vin COX (the true inspiration for this race) It all started with a single tweet from you, from the middle of a desert somewhere I think Vin? It was a warm night in the UK and quite late so it was really quiet while I was walking my dog, and this single tweet popped up from some guy who was thousands of miles away considering organising an around the world race. It took me all of 30 secs to weigh it all up before I replied “yep”.
2. Julie, Martin from CSR, you were right! I was really lucky to drop in on you guys! Although with you having just returned from the Tour De France you might have still had cycle syndrome.
3. Mr Balmer, Mr Megicks, Ma’am Dales! Great managers who could have argued against my career break but supported me instead.
4. Rose Griffiths for helping me with my website and how to promote myself.
5. And finally Nikki PHILLIPS! If Nikki hadn’t have pointed me in the right direction I would never have contacted CSR and wouldn’t be where I am now. Thank you Nikki!

To all my sponsors

  • CSR (Cambridge Silicon Radio) for their massive financial support, supply of a Samsung Galaxy 2 smart phone and continued support around the world. I aim to do you proud!
  • Cambridgeshire Constabulary for the time off work and patience with me
  • CAT EYE for their cycle computers
  • Panaracer tyres for their awesome RibMo that will carry me around the world without a single puncture (?)
  • Envision TV and Hairy Hosting
  • Sudocreme for ‘medical’ assistance
  • Paul from Zyrco, Stefan from STA Travel.

And as of today, with a big drum roll, announcing that Ultimate Sports Nutrition will be looking after my nutritional needs during the race! Welcome on board

Here is my GPS transmitter which will show you where I am at any time in the world.

This link goes live as soon as I switch on the GPS on the 18th Feb and will also be live on my own website (the site of the around the world attempt).

CSR staff also have the ability to use their own tracking system (TrackMe Real-Time) through the Samsung Galaxy 2 smart phone and their clever technology.

With immediate effect, please utilise all the links on my website to keep in touch with me, but for any racing/ challenge correspondence you can email me directly on csrglobalrun2012@gmail.com

For general correspondence phillips140569@sky.com is my personal email address.

A BIG reminder of two charities MapAction and Red2Green. Please help these guys out, two charities that do things in different ways but both help society providing a service that means a lot to the people they help. You can donate via my website.

An even BIGGER reminder the start has reverted back to 12:00pm on Saturday the 18th February 2012 from Greenwich Park – London on the Prime Meridian line.

So finally, to return to the start of this update, I ask this….

”who’s silly now? I’m cycling the world”!

Steve Phillips
Globe Cycle Racer 2012

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